1-year Ngondro Retreat

1-year Ngondro Retreat

Mahamudra Preliminaries – 1-year Ngondro Retreat

Proposed beginning – February 2020


Main practices

  1. Four remainders and Refuge (3-4 months)
  2. Vajrasattva (2 months)
  3. Mandala (1 months)
  4. Guru Yoga (3 months)
  5. Mind Training and Mahamudra (2 months)

Daily practices

Water Torma Offering (Chaptor)
Burnt offering (Sang)
Protector Practice (Mahakala)
Burnt offering (Sur)

Daily Schedule

5.00-7.30 thün 1 (thün = session)
9.30-11.30 thün 2
14.00-16.00 thün 3
16.00-17.30 Mahakala, Sur
19.00-21.00 thün 4

Each participant practices in their own room. Some practices (Mahákala, Sur) are practices in a group in the small shrine room. You will be also making tormas during the retreat.


2200 € board (6€/day – energies)
1800–2200 € meals (5-6€/day, meals 3x day)
300 € cost related to rituals (tormas etc.)


Would you like to sponsor the retreat? Your offering may help lower the cost of the retreat and help other participants to join the retreat.

If you don’t have the means but still like to join, please let us know.